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4 - Data Explorer


I am trying to create a sum up view form my services sales. I provide only 7 services but I sell them always with different price and expense.

This is what I have:
Table 1: Service - Service (Service name + reference number of each sale), reference number of each sale, Sale date, Sale month (from Sale date), Price (different for each sale!)
Table 2: Expenses - Name of expense (Service Name+date of expense), date of expense, amount paid
Table 3: - Service name - linked to Expenses and Service table, where I rollup all sales and expenses for each month (using conditions) then I can get net profit.

The problem is that every new month I have to create new conditional roll up to get monthly sale, expense and net profit. Is there any way I can create this reports automatic? Creating views in ech table won’t be enough for me as I can’t get the net profit values using only views :confused:

Thank you all in advance!


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