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Separate Date/Time field into two fields?

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I am exporting events from Airtable base into a web calendar via CSV. The web calendar requires that date and time be imported as separate fields.

To create a “date-only” field in Airtable, I simply duplicated the Airtable Date/Time field and turned off time. Done.

Now I need a way to create a separate “time-only” field in Airtable. Can someone recommend a formula that extracts the time from an Airtable Date/Time field? Converting it to text would be fine. For example, converting “4/14/2019 1:00pm” to “1:00pm”.

Thanks for your help

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look here, there are specifiers you can use to just get the date or just the time or any combination thereof in any format you can think of from a date time field.

If you are importing data, you may need to use a datetime_parse() first to interpret the date from a text value.