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Show how many duplicates there are in a lookup field and of what duplicate

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Hello wonderful Airtable community! I was wondering if anyone knew a way to take values in a lookup field and then provide the percentage of duplicate values?

(e.g. for numerical values: “5,6,6,6,7” the output would be 20% for 5, 20% for 7, and 60% for 6)
(and e.g. for string values: “Dentist, Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, Doctor” the output would be 40% for dentist, 40% for doctor, and 20% for Surgeon)

OR a way to see this in a chart if that’s easier

figured it out. In the shared view for the base (so that the filter doesnt stay locked), just have to filter in the View I needed, and the chart will update accordingly.

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You can choose to display the “% unique” from the summary bar.