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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys,

I’m fairly new to IF statements, and looking to create a really simple IF statement by saying:

IF [collaborator = Meg], show “Design”

I have a column of “Collaborators” (Meg, Rob, Sarah, David, Josh) and a column of departments (Design, Analytics, Research, Strategy, Development). If Meg is selected as a collaborator, show design in the department column, if rob is selected in collaborator column, show analytics in the department column … etc …

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

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Hi @David_Mannheim - you could use an IF() statement, although a better choice in this case (as it isn’t “many-nested” and, therefore, more complicated to write) is a SWITCH() statement:

  'Jonathan Bowen', 'Marketing', 
  'Jane Jones', 'Sales',

This is saying: Evaluate the “Collaborator” field; if it equals “Jonathan Bowen”, then return “Marketing”; if it equals “Jane Jones”, then return “Sales” and so on.

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 21.52.26