Split start and end dates which can be formatted differently

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there!

I am getting start and end date as a text in one field.
BUT format could be different in each record (mm/dd/yyyy OR yyyy-mm-dd)

I want to find a formula to split A field (which could be formatted in two ways) into start (B) and end (C) dates
Time shown in B and C is not relevant. Most important to have it formatted as date.

Test Dates (single line text)Test Start Date (Formula Formatted by ISO)Test End Date (Formula Formatted by ISO)
11/28/2022 - 12/23/20222022-11-28 02:00 2022-12-23 02:00
2022-11-28 - 2022-12-232022-11-28 02:002022-12-23 02:00

Thank you in advance for any input into this!

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