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I found a lot of information in this website, thank you very much to all the helper !

In fact, I practicly found my answer in this thread : Parsing Text without Split()

But I’v still have a problem. For different class, I’v student. Sometimes 3 students, sometimes 4 or 8. It depend.
So I’v a form for student who want to apply to the course. Here the result for example :
Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, George Clooney
I want a column “Brad Pitt”, an other “Christian Bale” etc…
@Bill.French help me a lot with the thread and i’m globally ok except for the last name who never comes up. It’s a lookup field btw.

For the first name I have =
MID({xxxx (from xxx)}, 1, SEARCH(",", {xxxxx (from xxxx)})-1)

For cut the last name =
RIGHT({xxxx (from xxxx)}, (LEN({xxx (from xxxx)}) - FIND(",", {xxx (from xxx)})))

Then the second name =
MID({xxxx}, 1, SEARCH(",", {xxxx})-1)

The again for cut the second name =
RIGHT({xxxx}, (LEN({xxxx}) - FIND(",", {xxxx})))

I put a maximum of 15 student so I replicate my formula until 15. But the problem is everytime I have 3 or 7 or 11 student, the last name never appear. I dont know why?

Sorry for my english Im french.
Thanks a lot again.

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