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4 - Data Explorer


I'm trying to create a schedule table to track team members availability each month using the total # of budgeted hours by month.

E.g. for the month of May  

If Sum of {Budgeted Hours} > 160 = "Overbooked" , = 160 "Fully Booked",  < 160 "Underbooked". 

I would then use these values to determine the shading on the Gantt chart 



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To do this, I think you'll need to create a new table called "Member by Month" or something and link it to your current table

You'll then need to create a formula field that will concatenate the member name + the current month, and paste this value into the linked field to the "Member by Month" table

In "Member by Month", you can now create a rollup field with "SUM(values)" to get the total number of budgeted hours for that member that month.  You can then create the formula field you mentioned above

After that, you can create a lookup field in your original table to pull the status back over if you'd like, does that make sense?