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Use formula field for Last modify time

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Hi everyone, happy new year :hugs:

I have a question regarding using LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() in a formula.
Is there a way to use LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() on another formula field type? I have formula field “Stage”, and I want to write a formula that recognise that there is a change in “Stage”.

Can you please help me achieve this?

Thank you,

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I believe all you do is add {Stage} to in-between the parentheses to give you the last modified time of only that field.

I get a message that the {Stage} field can not be used in LAST_MODIFIED_TIME();

“Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Computed fields are not allowed since they can’t be directly modified.”

Is there other way around?

Thank you

Try using whatever fields {Stage} references to calculate itself within LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() instead. So if {Stage} references some other field called {Type}, base the new formula on changes to {Type}.