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What am I doing wrong with this simple nested IF?

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I’ve tried copying and adapting examples from this forum (many thanks all to those who contribute!) and I’ve tried writing formulas from scratch… nothing seems to work!

I’m using a very simple base to record my daily step count. I have a field called “Steps” and I want to include a quick visual indication of what my step count is for the day (actually, I’ll be using icons, but it’s simpler to include words in my example).

“No comment”

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Hi @Greg_Gillet1, I believe this might work

IF(Steps>19999,“Yay”,IF(Steps>9999,“OK”,“No Comment”))

Thanks, Nathalie. Looks like it should work, but I’m still getting: “Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.”

That’s unfortunate as this should work. My memory isn’t the greatest these days, but I vaguely remember something about the quotations and how it is different in various parts of the world.

Try this (no guarantees) --> IF(Steps>19999,‘Yay’,IF(Steps>9999,‘OK’,‘No Comment’))

Here’s a sample base with the formula. Maybe it will shed some light.

Nathalie - thank you SO much! Copying your formula from the forum still didn’t work, but copying your base and THEN copying the formula out of the field into mine DID work.

I wonder if it was something to do with having some (not so) smart quotation marks?

Anyway, I will watch out for this in future.