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Looking for insights into the new Airtable Community User Ranks? You're in the right place.

What are user ranks?

Every member of the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions. User ranks incentivize participation, reward quality, and establish a reputation in the community.

Is there a list of the user ranks?

1 - Visitor (You start here - preparing for your space mission 🚀)
2 - Explorer
3 - Contributor
4 - Data Explorer
5 -
Automation Enthusiast
6 - Interface Innovator
7 - App Architect
8 - Airtable Astronomer - time to visit the planets!
9 - Sun
10 - Mercury
11 - Venus
12 - Earth
13 - Mars
14 - Jupiter
15 - Saturn
16 - Uranus
17 - Neptune
18 - Pluto

What's the deal with the astronomical theme?

When I first started at Airtable, Airtable Universe blew my mind. It showcases the art of the possible with Airtable and highlights the incredible talent of the community - so we thought a universe theme was a fun nod to something that sparks so much inspiration 🪐

How do I earn a new rank?

User ranks are awarded based on combinations of various types of user activity in the community. In short, the more you participate, the higher the rank you will reach!

What are the criteria for each rank?

That would be too easy...

Where does my rank display?

Your rank will display on your profile page, on each post you make, and on your profile hovercard.

Users with ranks that aren't on the list above

It's true. Airtable employees and moderators, to name a few - have custom ranks so that you'll always know who you're interacting with.

I've already reached the highest possible rank, what now?

Great question! This only applies to a handful of users at this time, but we will be expanding our user ranks over time as we collect more usage data in this new platform - stay tuned, we're onto the rest of the galaxy next

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