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Airtable consultant needed

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I need to create an airtable report that looks something like this (currently a googlesheet)

can discuss specifics, pay rate, etc if practical


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Hi Wayne. I see this as very practical. If you’d like to message me in private messaging, we can discuss requirements from there.

Hello Wayne,

This seems rather uncomplicated and I’d like to help. Feel free to reach me out by sending me a message.



I am new to Airtable. I am looking for an Airbase consultant to hire and work with to guide me and speed up my learning curve. I am using this platform for a somewhat simple database I want design for my business. Can you please contact me to discuss?

650 291 6947

Hi Wayne,

I am also looking for an Airtable consultant too.

Did you find anyone who you can recommend?

Thanks in anticipation,

Hi Sean

I’ve sent you a private message.