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Airtable expert needed - CRM base set-up and configuration

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Social Enterprise NL is looking for an Airtable expert / consultant. We are a foundation lobbying for social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and giving business support to Dutch social enterprises. Our network organisation counts over 380 member organisations. We want to use Airtable to manage and administrate our members, our coaches, our contacts, our events, our forms and all incoming applications (for the membership, as for the events). We have been testing Airtable past months. We are very happy with the possibilities, but have reached the point where we need professional help to make sure we make smart choices. We require help setting-up and configuring our base. Therefore we are looking for a consultant / expert. We are based in Amsterdam, however overseas assistance would also be fine. Please contact us at for more information or if you can help.

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Email verzonden. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m guessing you already have your CRM base set up at this point. If you’d like to extend functionality even further, take a look at It will help log email communication into your database, which is a standard feature of a full CRM.