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I’d like to find an AirTable expert/consultant that I can work with in my current databases to:

-Add Complex Logic based formulas to fields
-Review overall setup, and work to Improve Flow & Efficiency
-Integrations and Automation

Let me know if you are interested, and your level of expertise with the AirTable platform. Also, let me know if you are available on the any Freelance platform.
Thank you!

Roy Daneman,
Ventures Factory
feel free to email: []

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Hi Roy, we can help with that. Sign up for a time to chat here:


Hi Roy,

I can help. Please check PM.

Jennifer J

Hi Roy,
I can help you with your project.
I have much experience creating Airtable databases and integrating it with 3-rd party services.
You can schedule a free consultation with me on my calendly where we can descuss all the details of the project.


Stepan Doktor

Welcome to my scheduling page. Please follow the instructions to add an event to my calendar.