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Building a music festival calander

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HI I have a music festival this has multiple stages and needs a time line with blocks designed for time slots and over three days… this needs to be in a calendar form so I drag and drop a band into another time slot. and then turn this into an online link to go to the website. can someone help design this. ?? thanks Kenneth

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Hi Kenneth,

Sounds like a fun project and I would be glad to be of any assistance I can.
You can reach me on

Best Wishes,

hi I sent you an email… when is a good time to talk through what is needed. ?

Hayden, hi… are you familiar with this. How best to contact you?

Hey there! My partner and I are offering free consultation on the problems people are looking to solve using Airtable. This sounds like a cool project! Were you able to receive help already? If not let me know we’d be happy to hear more about your use case!


I am looking for help for a plug in or build to work with my Airtable