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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I need to build a quoting system in Airtable that I can publish to my website. I started the tables to collect the needed information but that's where I'm stuck. The price is based off a matrix of quantity range vs number of colours printed.  Not even sure if it can be done or it should be developed as an Wordpress app/plugin and pushed to Airtable.

If anyone can build this solution, please reach out asap.

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Is it that the user submits a form with the information you need and then the user is directed to a page where they can see a calculated quote?  I take it your website's on Wordpress?

If the above's correct, and you're not looking to embed an Airtable table into your Wordpress site, you're fine hiring any web developer that knows JavaScript for this probably.  Happy to help if my assumptions are correct

If my assumptions are incorrect, what would your desired workflow be like?  

Need to be able to add multiple lines of items not just a single record.  For example, the user can add multiple print locations associated to multiple quantities of garments and compare the quantity to the number of colours printed and pull the unit price off a matrix.  I think it has to be built as a base on its own in Airtable with all the calculations there.  But not sure if there is away to pass it live thru Zapier and a subscription form app.

Hey there,

Our On2Air Forms app for Airtable could help you with this. It allows you to create formulas for calculations, plus add multiple line items that can be calculated.

Here's a video on this:

🎥 How to Live Calculate Data on Your On2Air Form (Estimates, Quotes, and more)

And our step-by-step tutorial

How to Live Calculate Data on Your On2Air Form (Estimates, Quotes, and more)



Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable

hi @printwithstate 
I have great experience working with Airtable, I believe we could achieve what you are looking for by creating a script that calculates the quote after the client submission (this allows us to implement your preferred custom logic including as many steps and calculations as needed. The quote can then be sent to the client via email or stored on an account in a custom portal that he can access. Happy to have a call about how we can work together: you can book a time at your earliest convenience from my calendar: