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Can you outsource data entry on Airtable

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Hi there,

I am new to Airtable and trying to work out ways it can help my business.

The first area I am tackling is how I process my invoices. Can anyone tell me if I can share a base with another Airtable user who populates my base with data and pdfs supplied. It would be basic data entry but rather than get someone in my office to do this, I thought that using airtable woud mean it can be done remotely.

If so, any pointers on where I might find such outworkers to discuss this with would be greatly received.

Many thanks

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Hey Mark,

Welcome to the Airtable community! I’d love to chat with you further about your goals with Airtable. I’ve done something similar before for another company and could help you get yours squared away as well.

Here is the link to my website to learn a little more about myself: www.WiseDesign.Co

I look forward to hearing from you!

Schedule a free phone consultation via this link:

Hi @Mark_Janson-Smith

I am interested in your requirement and will be glad to assist you as an Airtable Expert.

please reach me out through Skype @ cis.am3 or email me at