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Combining Rows into one

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I need to combine multiple rows into one, where one of the columns is a linked record.

Owners Table
Column 1: Owner Name
Column 2: Cars (linked to records on the Cars table)

Right now on the Owners Table, there is a row for each car the Owner owns.

So it looks like this:
Name | Cars
Bob | Camaro
Bob | Mustang
Bob | Challenger

I’d like to look like this:
Name | Cars
Bob | Camaro, Mustang, Challenger

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Hi Daniel,

This can be done and one of the great features of Airtable. I’d love to chat with you further via phone to put your ideas in action. If your interested, you can schedule a call with me at

Hi @Daniel_Malone

I understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you.

let us have short Discussion/call over Skype @ cis.am3 to process further.


Hi Daniel,
Not sure whether you managed to get this working as yet.
If not feel free to hit me up on as this is within my skill set
Best Wishes,