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Scenario #2 is solved.

Now, I would like to have an Integromat scenario created to gather data from an API website and then have a Gmail sent, on a weekly basis, notifying me of upcoming TV air dates.

Thank you,

This can be just for work offered, I just thought that I could learn how to do this myself.

I wondered if anyone would beable to teach me how to create two Integromat scenarios. I would like to learn how to do the scenarios. It would have to be someone who is willing to teach and competent in Integromat and also, someone who would be very patient, since I will need to learn, step by step, from the basics of how to create the two scenarios, I don’t need to be taught to write the script for scenario # 2, that can be just for a paid service, with no teaching involved. The other thing, you should check all the links for both scenarios to make sure that you have access to the websites and all information, especially the API in scenario #1, since it seems there might be some access issues in certain countries, especially Europe. I should also mention that I have already created a scenario for both projects, I am just not sure if it’s correct. I also have more detailed information written up, with screenshots, of the two scenarios. Here is a brief description of the scenarios:

Scenario #1

The epguides site below has API protocal and I need to gather data and then I will be integrating it with Goggle Sheets and then Airtable, which has three tables and links. The Airtable base has been created with three tables and links and Google Sheets worksheet has already been created.

I will need information/data for about 25 TV shows, on a weekly basis, I will also be adding TV shows too.
Information required:

TV Show
Season #
Episode #
Episode name
Air date

This is the website that I want information from:

This is an example of one show of about 25 that I would like data from and also on an ongoing bases to collect information about current episodes from the latest season:

This link is about epguides API:

I want to know the next episode of a show, but it’s not the show in the example below, it will be from a list of different shows i.e.: Murdoch Mysteries.

Scenario #2

I also have another integration for Integromat. but this one is going to require a script for data collecting for a MacBook. I have already created Google Sheets worksheet for this scenario.

I want to create a scenario to gather data from a website and place it into Google Sheets and then to alert me by gmail.

It’s a TV guide website.

I would like to have current, updated information, gathered every week for about 25 British TV Shows. The Favourites option does not give me current, updated information, on a weekly basis.

This is the website:

This is an example of a British TV Show on the zap2it website, that I would like to gather data from:

Search for “SILENT WITNESS”, that has “NEW”, in the description.

I would like to be alerted, by Gmail, when a “NEW” British TV show will air, there are about 25 TV Shows.

I found out that the second link might not go through to the example, so, you may have to:

Select: Canada
Type in postal code:
V6G 2H7
Select: TELUS Optic TV

Then type in:

Silent Witness in the search engine, then select:
Upcoming Episodes

You should be able to see the episodes with “NEW” notation.

I will also want to convert the data to CSV format. I could do the converting myself, I just need to have the data capable to do this.

I hope I have been clear, if not, let me know if any further information is required.

Thank you,

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Mary

Lets connect on skype for discussion please PM me your email and skype