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Developer Project: Building an API gateway to Airtable with custom response data

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We are an insurance agency (located in Chicago) with a pricing tool built in Airtable - we want to provide third-parties with a REST API to call the Airtable API and return the correct price. However, we need the response data to omit certain fields.

AWS’s API gateway offers this as a feature and it all seems very possible based on my tinkering. We are open to other solutions - we use Google firebase for our current web services.

The API would need to be able to pass through Airtable’s API token along with 6 data fields. Airtable would provide all of the data required for the response.

We are looking for a developer to contract for this project, but any ideas or advice are also appreciated.

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Hi John,
I am an experienced developer and having worked on some similar projects in the past, I would be interested in building this out for you.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Hi @John_Satter

I can help

Please reach me out through Skype : cis.am3 or email me at

Best regards