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Formula and Script help needed for Booking Agency

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Hey Airtable Community! I have a fairly developed Airtable Base that we’ve been using for about 4 years, but I need to add some more complicated formulas for calculating commissions based on type of venue, artist, and agent. I also would like some help with java in the script block so that we can duplicate auto populate a new Mission with preset tasks. I know exactly what I want, I just don’t know all of the proper syntax. For an expert, both of these jobs would probably take 15 minutes, and I’ll happily venmo you $25 for that 15 minutes. If you’re up for it, shoot me a quick message at and we’ll set up a time to make it happen. Thank you!

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Dear Mark,
Hope you are doing well!!

I’d Glad to assist you.
Email Sent with details, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

Hey Carter! I didn’t receive the email - did it go to the wrong address?

Dear Mark,

Hope you are doing well!!

Please check your email inbox :-

I just resend email.

Very Best Regards