Looking for low-code content creator to make YouTube vids & blog posts

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

APPLY HERE: Data Fetcher Content Creator

Background: Data Fetcher ( is an Airtable app that lets users run API requests in Airtable.

The app is a low-code product, so you’ll need some experience with APIs. Hopefully, you’ll also have experience using Airtable. I will help you understand Data Fetcher’s features, handle the topic suggestions and high-level plan for each video.

I’ve been making YouTube videos myself, but am looking to hire someone to help me do this more consistently and with a better production value.

I’d also like you to write the blog posts that go along with the videos.

The videos are quite simple. Just a walkthrough of using Data Fetcher with a particular third-party API. I’m open to suggestions on the format and keen to see what you can do to improve them.

You can see an example video here: How to Import Binance API Data to Airtable & Build a Crypto Portfolio Tracker - YouTube

The blog posts are simple walkthrough guides with a few screenshots. Here’s an example blog post:

Budget: $350/ video. I’m looking for someone who can commit to at least 2 videos (and blog posts) a week. Feedback on this budget welcomed - this is the first time I’ve hired someone to do this!

APPLY HERE: Data Fetcher Content Creator

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