Need a consultant to help link multiple databases into one based on criteria

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We are a retail Tenant rep real estate company and have a database of new real estate sites for each of our many Tenants which we share with the Tenants. We also have multiple agents working on these databases. We would like to create one linked database for each of our agents that would have all of the properties that they are working on for all of the various Tenant databases. Not sure if this is possible with Airtable. We don’t want one field with 50 properties but need a spreadsheet that has just the agents deals that they can work with daily and will update the various Tenant databases as they work.

What we have: A Database for McDonalds with the 5 properties John is working on, 3 properties Kevin is working on, 2 properties Chuck is working on. Database for Taco Bell with 2 properties John is working on, 1 property Kevin is working on, 7 properties Chuck is working on.

What we need:
A Database for John with the 5 properties for McDonalds with 5 rows, 2 properties for Taco Bell with 2 rows.
A Database for Kevin with 2 Properties for McDonalds with 2 rows, 1 property for Taco Bell with 1 row.

Is this possible and can you help?

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