Need help. Some teaching, some building formulas

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Let me first say, I know this is quite simple for many people AND there is documentation explaining how to do what I am trying to achieve… I still can’t do it.

Its like me writing ‘help documentation’ on how to shoot a 3 point shot with Lebron in your face :slightly_smiling_face:

Use case:
Airtable is my database for my company (Restoration company)
Also using it as a CRM

Building formulas with nested conditions for 2 use cases

  1. Vehicle maintenance
    -We enter mileage at a fuel stop 100,000
    -Next stop is 100,500
    -Then 101,00 and so on…
    I would like to add the incremental difference up 5k…at which point the threshold would be crossed and then a record can populate in a new view… this would trigger “oil change”. I can build zaps from there to my other platforms.

  2. CRM
    I want to track the #of days in between phone calls to target clients.
    so March 1 is a call. I want to start a timer that will say after x days something will populate in another field… like before above, this can trigger my zap and I have it from there…

I am glad to pay!

This platform is amazingly powerful!

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