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Seeking Airtable Developer - Structured / formatted Output

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I have what a simple airtable base created; however, I am struggling to determine how (if) I can get the data to print out in a somewhat structured way. I have tried Airtable Blocks / Page designer but it appears this solution will not work for my current data structure. I am actually looking for someone to help solve this problem.

Whether this means a new database design in Airtable or some other add on solution to that can provide the output in the desired format - I’m open to options and suggestions.

I can be contacted at

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Hi Jack,

This is something that is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
I just sent you an email

Best Wishes,


Thanks for response. Have attached to this e-mail a link to the current Airtable database as well as PDF samples of the output needed consisting of Commercial invoice & Packing list

Let me know if there is a good time to speak / skype and discuss

(Commercial invoice & Packing list)Comm%20InvoicePack%20List

I want to do something similar. I am running an auction and I have a Base Table that has items, value, sold price and winning bidder on it. I want to create invoices for the winning bidders to show ALL of their items won and sum the total owed.

ANY and ALL help welcome. I am new to AirTable and the event is less than 2 weeks out.

Any word on how this has turned out, @jack_sivilli?

working with a developer in India. Very early in the process - fingers crossed.

Hi Jack, how was your experience with an indian developer? I’m keen to hire one myself.

Should be possible with .

Other option is to use the API to get data and populate your template.