Can anyone share their experience with using standing desks? Do they really help with posture and pr

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When standing, blood circulation improves, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. The presence of increased oxygen stimulates brain activity and can improve alertness, clarity, concentration and focus, which can also improve cognitive performance. It’s natural fuel for your brain!

Prolonged periods of sitting, on the other hand, have been associated with poor executive function, memory, attention and visuospatial skills, which are important cognitive aspects of work performance. Thus, breaking up prolonged sitting with a standing desk can influence work productivity in office workers by reducing sedentary behaviours and mitigating its ill-effect

Sitting for long periods of time in the workplace is linked with low vigour (energy and enthusiasm) and job performance, whereas standing up has been linked to a boost in energy, mood and performance. In one study, standing for one hour during the workday increased productivity for 66% of workers, while 71% felt more focused and 87% reported feeling more energised. Upon returning to their old desks, overall moods reverted to their original levels, which confirms it was the desk that made the positive difference.

In a more recent study, subjects’ vitality in work engagement and self-assessment of their work performance improved after using a sit-stand desk for three months. Indeed, it is thought that just 10 minutes of movement is all it takes to increase mental focus, with 37% of employees reporting high levels of energy in the middle of the day when incorporating small and frequent movements.

In conclusion, the science shows that a standing desk can help to boost energy and mood, which can improve focus, in particular if you’re prone to experiencing fatigue and sluggishness at work.

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