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With Windows 10, the user can select an OBJ file (3D model) within File Explorer and the model will preview in a simplistic manner, allowing the user to spin and zoom the model.

Is there any Airtable app solution available for this feature in Airtable? The current Airtable 3D app is interesting, however it is more about users interacting within a 3D space and concatenates each 3D record into the one 3D space - its effectively useless for simply previewing one 3D record at a time, and doesn’t have a camera orbit feature.

All I’m after is a 3D file viewer app experience, where the camera orbits the file, and the user can toggle the orbit, spin the model. Extra points if they can ambient change lighting.

I’m hoping the existing Airtable 3D app devs read this and can add this functionality to their feature pipeline.

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