A gallery view (or a standard grid view) in which I can see a column with a little thumbnail of the image from a link

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

First question in this forum , first of all thanks in advanced to the Community and Developers for such a tool.

I have a table that has different rows according to the image I want to select from my links.
The images are not directly uploaded but are in Google Drive so I get links such as
I wanted a column to display a little thumbnail with this image loaded. Is that possible?
I have tried with Gallery View but seems that I may not be understanding the point.



Thank you

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Welcome to the community, @Diego_Suarez_Lopez!

This is not possible within the view itself. You can only view thumbnails of images if you upload the images directly into an Airtable attachment field.

However, you can view the thumbnail of one record at a time in the app sidebar, if you use this Airtable app called “URL Preview”:

Thanks a lot for your solution , It is in the way I was looking it, but unfortunately I cannot make it work with sort of links like

It work with the ones googleDrive provides you out of the box such as
But those secondones are not working for the automation I’m using , so I need to stick to the first kind of URL’s .

Anyways thank you!