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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve searched here and google searched for a way to add holidays to the calendar. It is for staff time-off. It would be nice to see holidays in the calendar view, along with staff time-off requests. The main question is, how do I add holidays to my calendar?

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Hi @Jethro_Acenas,

Welcome to Airtable community.

If you use paid plan then you can create calendar view with more than one date field (link on how to do it ) This option will let you display both bank days and free days in the same calendar view.

However to do the job you described I recommend the following steps:

  1. Create one table where you will store all your “Day off” and “Bank days” like the following image
  2. Then in your main table you have to create one date field based on which you put dats on your tasks and you will use it in your calendar view.
  3. Then you can create a link to field in this task tracking table which will requests the date of bank day and it can be filled by an automation only when the task’s date is listed in back day list. Otherwise the filed will remain blank and the task will not be blocked by free days.
  4. For the automation, you trigger the date updates in the main table, and then your action is to input in the link to field the value to of the updated date field. When the date is not listed in the list with free days the automation will fail and the field will be blank. When it runs successfully it will appear the date and this will be blocking.

Does it work for you? Does this solution miss anything from your process? Please text us back your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Dimitris Goudis

Hello Dimitris,

That does help. Not exactly what I was looking for, wanted to include holidays into our staff time off calendar. Having staff time off info and holiday info in the same table makes the grid view look confusing. I will continue to play around with it and use filters. This did help for sure. Thank you!


Use multiple grid views–one that shows only holidays and another that filters out holidays. You may need to create a single-select field to indicate which records are holidays.