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Adding Items in field and then subtracting them from another field

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Hi peeps

I am new to Airtable and am starting to get the hang of counts, etc which I use to add up the number of items in a field. The fields are a form completed that will drop in a linked field from another table. I can add those up per row and get a sum per user like so:

Each line is the completion of a form by a user with them adding their details each time. What I want to to now is either change the form to:

A. add the same item to a user to create one line and one total
B. subtract the sum of all the items the user added from a set total

So if there are 50 items and they have gone in 3 times and chosen 15 over the 3 times, the total would reflect as 35 somewhere. This can be a single row or at the top of the sorted list, I dont mind. We just want to get all users to complete all tasks.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Open to linking the users from another table if that helps.


What I want to do now is add

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