Airtable Does not Scale Well

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4 - Data Explorer

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears to me that Airtable does not scale well at all with a maximum record limitation of just 100,000? Thus, it is not suitable for many businesses with a certain size.

What other software would you use in cases that you need to scale and more records?

I will still use Airtable personally and for certain things, but unfortunately I cannot use it business wide due to the limitations.

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This is true. I typically recommend that my clients move on from Airtable to a true enterprise-level database software such as FileMaker, which has none of the limitations of Airtable because it has absolutely no limitations at all. FileMaker is an actual enterprise-level database language that is low-code, very user-friendly, and has zero limits. I don’t do FileMaker development anymore, but if you need me to refer you to some top FileMaker developers, feel free to contact me through my website at

It’s not the craziest increase, but Airtable enterprise bases now have a maximum record count of 250k, up from 100k.

It went in around earlier this month.


Wow! Nobody told us about this record increase for enterprise! Thanks for pointing this out, @Ben.Young!