Airtable in Safari on iPad Pro won’t scroll

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

My complaint is similar to the one found here:

Using any browser on iPad Pro 12.9”, the Airtable Webapp, which otherwise functions perfectly when using a mouse and keyboard, will not scroll. It’s literally my ONE bottle-neck.

I can live with the wildly under-featured app since it’s at least rock-solid reliable, as long as I can occasionally access the web app for more complete functionality, accept, as it turns out, the webapp doesn’t scroll in table view using the mouse unless I select a cell and then use arrow keys to keep moving from cell to cell until the window scrolls to adapt. Not practical.

I’ve tried Infinity, ClickUp, and every other platform you can imagine. Airtable wins if this one problem is fixed.

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