Airtable Over Limit Issue

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We’ve encounter an issue with one of our bases on airtable, the ‘over limits’ pop-up appeared next to our project name.

We have a Free Plan, the record limits it says 1,200 records per base, but our total record used is 247 records.

We’ve tried rearranging our columns but the ‘over limits’ pop-up still shows.

Please let us know what we can do for the issue!



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Are you over limits with your file attachments? Free plan bases are limited to 2GB of attachments.

I’m having the same issues but I have not used any attachment storage space

same issue here. has this been resolved?

Same issue as well. I’m under the record limit and have no attachments. Any solutions?

I have the Pro plan and have the same issue. One spreadsheet, uploaded as an Excel Spreadsheet, and it uploaded as over the quota. One table has 1000 rows, and 6 others have between 120 and 200 rows. I have no attachments. Has this issue been resolved? If so how?