Airtable sunsetting extensions Hangouts, Whereby, Name Quiz

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Sadly Airtable discontinuing some Airtable extensions they says people not using. Hangouts? Wherby?

Clearbit is to clean data about companies, but it is handled through Make and Zapier better so that’s one easy.

Namequiz, it’a perhaps less used for what it was built but I use it all the time to learn Spanish. It asks me “Who is ferrocarril” and shows me 2 pictures in my database to guess the right image for ferrocarril and another one for any record I have, this quiz is very challenging for abstract terms also because Name Quiz timer is quite fast.

Sadly these are discontinued but.

You are receiving this email because you may have recently used the following Airtable extensions:

Google Hangouts
Topic timer
Name quiz

We’ve decided to sunset these extensions due to low usage, and removing these will help us meet our maintenance and security needs.

Starting today, we are removing support for these extensions, but they will continue to be usable until June 24, 2023. After June 24, 2023, these extensions will be permanently removed and no longer available to use with Airtable.

Whereby -
Google Hangouts -
Clearbit -
Topic timer -
Name quiz -

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