Allocating different events for different days of the week

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, im trying to build a website with the help of Airbase (using I have a list of companies in my table.
How would i format the data so that:

  1. i can display opening days
  2. i can display specific events that business have on…
    for example - a business may offer a drinks promotion on mondays, wednesday and sundays. They may also offer a DIFFERENT drinks promotion on tuesday and thursday. How do i collate the data so that when i use these values within the website it filters the information for the users?

Sorry if this is poorly explained - im not very tech savvy! Thanks!

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Try having one table for Companies that is linked to a table of Special Events. Each special event offered by a company would be its own row in that table. You might have a multiselect field for the applicable days of week, a category field (drinks promotion), and a details field (to differentiate between similar events on different days).