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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’ve setup a base to visualize some Amazon sales data that I’m not able to see with the standard tools available. I’m basically copy/pasting data daily into the record for that day. Then I use blocks to visualize the data in graphs.

It’s easier to enter the data daily than it is to enter a week of data into 1 row, BUT visualizing the data as daily data points gets to be a little noisy. I’d like to smooth out the data by bucketing by week. However, the problem is that some of the data is a daily percentage (daily ROI, daily margin, daily % of PPC sales vs organic).

So if I bucket by week, it’s going to average those percentages, which won’t give an accurate picture of what that % is for the week. In order to be accurate, there would have to be some kind of weighted average function.

The data to recreate those % numbers is available at the daily level, but how can I recreate these % numbers as an accurate weekly number if I’m entering the data as single days?


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