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I am looking to write a function that pulls customers preferences listed out in a record that then matches with another data table that lists out each product with the preferences. In essence, I need to match preferences to pull a record from one data file to add it to another to build out a customized box of products. Any suggestions about how to go about this? I’ve been tinkering with air table trying to figure it out.

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Can you give us a little more concrete of an example, just so I can be certain of what you’re asking?


Yes! So our customers give us a number of preferences for our products. I have a data table for the customer list with the preferences and a data table of the preferences with the products. There are three different types of products toys, treats, and chews. They can categorize types and the preferences. For example:

Alex wants 2 grain free treats 2 Large Plushes and a Chew that does not have rawhide.

I have a sheet with treats, a sheet with toys, and a sheet with chews. So for each customer record which has the preferences how can I match it to the selection? I know I have to link tables but I want to use the formula to make an IFTHEN based on the preferences.

So basically I think I need to create a conditional roll up. Essentially, we have data that includes a customer’s email, their subscription id, and 16 fields for product (4 for toys, 4 for treats, 4 for chews). Not all of them are filled, usually 5-7 with multiple select for each ‘type of’ field they can have. The Multiple select is allergy or toy preferences that I have two separate data tables on the table with.

So for example a customer wants one small plush, one large plush, Grain free & dariy free treat , Grain free & dairy free treat, and a grain free & dairy free chew.

Can I use a records multiple select from the separate data tables to cross match using conditional rollups based on what a customer’s multiple selects? So basically build a relational database based on preferences via rollup.

Hello Adrienne I just have the same need for our company did you manage to find a solution to your problem ?