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Good Monring

I am trying to automatically fill a column based on value of another. I have employee number’s and would like the following.

Column A(employee number) Column B(Employee name) —> this I would like to auto populate
1234 John

So when I enter employee name in column A the name automatically is placed in column B

Curious if this can work over 100 different number/name combination’s

Thanks for any help

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I guess the central question is how the base is supposed to ‘know’ employee names and their relationship to employee numbers.

If you had, for instance, a table containing these two fields —

{Employee Number}{Employee Name}

You could then link other tables to it based on the employee number and use a lookup field to retrieve the matching name.

If you’re trying to do this in a ‘flat’ base (one without links between tables), your only option would be to make {Employee Name} a formula field and then create a multi-branched IF() statement that explicitly linked numbers and names. The effort to create such a formula would be much greater than would be required simply to enter name and number manually.

I can think of a number of increasingly baroque alternative methods, but the real answer will depend on what you’re starting with: the source of the number and name.