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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there, I am brand new and been reviewing all the support docs but cant quite figure this one out.  I want to create a list of tasks that will always be the same, and will populate based on the type of field.  For example, I am using airtable with our content team who produces different type of content from blog posts to social media.  If the task is tagged "blog" I want to create a checkbox field for blog that always pulls in the same type of data "1st draft, images created, SEO review" vs if its a social media post I want to tag is as "social" and always pull in the same set of data "Image, hashtags, description"

So far I feel like I would have to manually copy this each time.  I tried adding the subtasks to a different table and making an automation, but got a little lost and not sure thats the right option.



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6 - Interface Innovator


that field with checkboxes is the simplest way to add subtasks, but you can't track them individually.  You could create a table with the tasks to follow up individually, if you consider it necessary.

That was a comment to improve the database in general.
On the other hand, to do what you need in the way it is proposed, you have at least two options: apply templates (only available in paid plans) or with automation by applying filters according to the criteria you have mentioned.

What I find easiest is to create a view for each alternative or path forward. Then you create an automation with the trigger "when a record comes into view.."
Here you update the "subtasks" field, although I am not sure that the automation options allow you to add a checkbox as you have in the image.

I would also use an automation in combination with record templates (max 100 records possible on Team plan).