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Automate recurring Send SMS / Sendgrid blocks

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I have a list of recipients with their email addresses / mobile numbers.

I’d like to automate a message every morning at 9 am, to the entire list, with some form I’d like them to fill in.

I tried to do it with Zapier, but it works only on the row level, not the entire table (like the Send SMS / Sendgrid blocks work).

Any idea?

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Hey there! The best way to do this would be to trigger from a view.

Create a view in Airtable that filters based on your time requirements, and trigger a zap from that.

Hope that helps!


But a zap triggers only a new row creation / existing row update and so forth, not a block execution (sms / sendgrid).

My table doesn’t change, I just need to send an email to the entire list on a daily basis.

Sure, but still, the possible actions are only to create / update / find records… while my need is to perform actions on an entire table (preferably using sms / sendgrid blocks)

Yes - You find the record, then send them a message and you’re correct - It will send individually

You need to leverage views, and you should set up logic to ensure that records come into and out of those views though.

Is there a reason that sending individually doesn’t suit your needs here?

Sending individually will require more logic to go through all the records with some kind of a for loop or something, is that possible using airtable + zapier?

Are you referring to writing a script on airtable?

Hey! Yes - That is possible in Zapier. I’m a Zapier certified expert (So I know how to set this kind of thing up) - Feel free to send me an email if you’d like me to help you build this