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4 - Data Explorer

Thanks in advance for this basic question. I could not find the answer thus the post.

Imagine I have 2 tables (in the same base).

Table 1 has 3 columns.

  • col #1 has some key
  • Col #2 is date
  • col #3 has sale amount

There would be multiple sales on same date.

Table 2 has two column:

  • Col #1 is the date
  • Col #2 >>> I would like this to be the sum of all the sales in from Table 1.

How do I link the two tables to get the sales summary.


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Welcome to the community, @Mani_Agrawal.

It sounds like you’re coming from a relational database background.

Unfortunately, Airtable is not a real relational database system, so there is no automatic linking of records between tables based on field values. There is no concept of primary and foreign keys in Airtable.

All links must be manually created by you through a linked record field, and this can be partially automated through an automation that you build in Airtable Automations, JavaScript, Integromat, the API, etc.

Thanks @ScottWorld appreciate the quick response. I am not a developer but yes lot more familiar with relational database. Guess will have to solve it manually.