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7 - App Architect


I have been asked to track data (think revenue and cost) over time. In the tables where this is calculated, I can easily see what the current revenue is for a project. But I need to get revenue per project at time intervals so it can be graphed.

I set up a Summary table where I can write an entry per project and capture the timestamp. I did this simply for proof of concept using a checkbox field. An automation runs if the checkbox is selected, creates the entry in the summary table, then clears the checkbox. But now I need a way to completely automate this without having to select a checkbox. I thought running an automation on a schedule (perhaps once per week) would let me capture the weekly snapshot and write a record to my summary table so that the data can be graphed.

But, it doesn’t appear that using the schedule trigger will work. While it will fire exactly when I want it to, I can’t create a “Create record” action to add a record to the summary table using values in my source table the same way I can with a trigger based on a record in a view.

Any ideas on how to automate the creation of summary records from a specific table and view?

Thanks in advance!

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi @Sharon_Visser - if looking for a no-code solution that can integrate in with Airtable Automations, you can check out our On2Air Functions. 2 could be used to solve this:

(This will allow for creating a new record in you historical tracking table)

(This one will create a running log of changes within the same table inside a Long Text Field)