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6 - Interface Innovator

I am looking for any suggestions on how to automate the “Shareable Grid View Link” embed functions. Let me explain my workflow and then my request:

  1. I use Airtable to manage team rosters for a league. Using Zapier + Wordpress + Airtable + Wordpress, I create a custom post type in Wordpress for each team, with specific data on the page.

  2. I create a view for each team in Airtable. I use a “Single Select” field type to filter the view so that only records matching the view for that team show.

  3. I create a Shareable Link for each view that has team data. I generate the embed code, and then paste that code into the corresponding page on my Wordpress site.

I would very much like to eliminate the manual labor from step #3. Is there any possible way to automate embed codes? For example, can I connect Airtable to a third party service to pull the embed code and send it to my page through a service like Zapier? If not a third party service, is there some scripting that I could implement to make that happen?

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Maybe you could do something with AirPress, the plugin that connect both:

Also, I recommend to have Teams information in another table, the Views would work the same. Instead of having a Single Select, you would have a Linked Record field.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am already using Airpress to pull in data from tables into custom post types on Wordpress. As far as I can tell, I haven’t been able to pull in the embed codes from the API via Airpress.

I do use some linked records for coaching information, but the way my team uses Airtable would make putting teams in another view to cumbersome.

My workaround for now is to generate the embed code and then put it as a field in the record that Airpress can publish to my pages on my site.