Automations for sending Email to a record in table one with information from table two

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4 - Data Explorer

I am hoping someone can shed some light on a topic for me.

I have a client who wants to be able to email one of her clients from table one with linked information from table two. From everything I have read and tried to do, I believe that Airtable does NOT send emails to clients with template emails. I just am hoping to find out if I am missing something or if I am right.

Thank you for your help. - T

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To include information from a linked table in your email, you need to bring the information over using rollup or lookup fields (or a combination).

There are various methods of using email templates.

  • Email automations where you write the template in the email. This method typically involves using a checkbox or single select field to generate and send the email.

  • SendGrid app. Although this service is usually used to send bulk emails, it is also possible to send a single email .You configure the template in the SendGrid app and can preview the text.

  • A custom “email table” system. This is the system that I use the most. I use scripts to merge the record with an email template that is stored in the table, then I use a generic email automation for actually sending the email.