Base Schema app - wish the fields ordered same as in my table and not by the order/date of creation

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In the Base Schema app the fields are not ordered in the same way as the fields in the table. The order seems to be the original order at the time when the field was created. If it was created at the beginning of the table and later moved to the back, the Base Schema app still shows that field in the “front” of the table.

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Note: Field order is arbitrary and varies by View. For the Base Schema app to do as you suggest, users would have to specify which View the app should look at for field order for every Table in the base.

OK, but I can’t find where the setting is. Where do I need to look for it? Picture attached.


There is no setting for it in the app. I was trying to explain the reason why field order in Base Schema doesn’t seem like it matches your tables.

To get what you’re asking for Airtable would have to add a place to select a view for each table in your base. I have my doubts that they’ll do that.

Well I am glad at least they came up with this 1.0 version of this tool. It’s better than nothing. But it’s still going to take a computer science degree to plow through this right now.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Two and a half years later, and still no good solution to this.  All that would be needed is to always use the 'Grid' view field order.  For complex databases, not being able to align the field order for the schema makes it VERY difficult to see what is going on.