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I just tried the Base Schema block, which I think is a fantastic idea. We need a tool to keep track of where fields are used in formulas, table relationships, etc. However, the end results are less than satisfactory. The schema is so tiny that I cannot read any of the table names or field names and I can see no way to enlarge the font or the size of the the picture (even with 150% zoom, I cannot decipher the names of anything). Does anyone have a solution because as it is, it is completely useless to me.Screenshot (31)

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I was able to zoom in to this block using my trackpad in MacOS:


Perhaps try zooming with your mouse or trackpad?

Thank you for your response. It helps a bit. I can go up to 175% zoom and I can barely read the names of fields and tables. When I click on 200%, it changes the screen to say “Please make this block bigger or fullscreen”. When I click on Fullscreen, it is the same as 175% zoom. The sad thing is that this is a great tool and I would love to see where some of our fields are used in formulas within a table. But there are so many lines, I would have a hard time following one. It would be nice if I could isolate one at a time or get additional information by hovering over it.
On my Surface, I can usually increase the size of anything using my fingers but nothing happens with the schema.

Totally agree!!! I have 100+ fields impossible to see connections. And cannot rearrange just puts last one added at the bottom. Great idea - rubbish execution!