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Bee hive tracking

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Bee greetings!

Im wondering , will it be possible to label all bee boxes with a snapscan logo (like a bar code) and then allocate them by the barcode function to where they actually stand. Their (boxes) allocations will be the different depots.

The above is done. Scaning works perfectly and fast.

My problem however, I need a short cut. Everytime a scan a bee box it duplicate in depots. And i need to go and delete the previous box ID in the old allocation (depot) manually.

Is there a way (formular) that when you scan the snapscan logo on the bee box, that it automatically delete the last recorded data allocation. The previous recording. The boxes travel from depot to depot and from client to client. And one need to keep the allocations alive, without duplicating ID bee box number and work in the table. Time is money, i meant honey!

I hope there may be a solution?

Any help out there?

Charl Gobetz!Screenshot_20200224_211629_com.formagrid.airtable

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If you are using Airtable’s native forms, the forms always create a new record. You cannot change this. Updating an existing record using a form is more complicated and usually involves a third party integration or using the API.

However, you could move the data entry fields into a different table, and then link them to the list of bee boxes in the original table. Thus, you would have historical data.

Then you can use formula fields, rollups, and conditional rollups to show the information you want.

You would need to manually copy/paste to link the records. This thread has info on how to do that.

You would and manually updating checks boxes to indicate the most recent one. This thread has info on how to do that.

Hi Kuovonne,

Thank you for your reply. I’m going to try something and see if it will work, otherwise I will ask you to help me draw up a draft.


CD Gobetz