Best solution for tier-structured compensation tracking

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Good morning, pretty new Airtable user, but liking it so far. I’m running into a challenge with this requirement:

I need to take a list of sales managers, reference their staff, based upon multiple tiers, referencing the sales staff’s number of sales, and calculate a bonus amount for the sales managers.

I’ve considered linked tables, scripts, and junction tables. I can’t SEARCH/FIND for this nor create an IF statement that’ll do it. I’m unsure how a Junction table would help, and haven’t really dug into the script block yet.

Basically I need to find an employee ID in another record, as referenced in the “manager ID” field of the original record, and then pull data from another column (sales numbers). This would be trivial in a Google Sheet/Excel, but no go so far.

Ideas would be much appreciated, with code examples if possible, thanks much!

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