Blank cell creating problem.please suggest me solution

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I have variable data in different some column may have 10 values other may have 15 values.that creates empty cells.and that making problem in creating Problem in showing on my kodular database.Please suggest me solution.
let me clarify more.if i have two Fruits in column A and Four Vegetables in column B…it automatically creates two empty cells in column A.What to do with this empty cell

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You can have another field (formula field) that joins both fields but check if any of them are empty so it will show only the filled one:

Column A | Column B | FormulaField

The formula would go something like this:

IF({Column A}, {Column A},{Column B})

So basically it will show or fruit or vegetable, depending on if column A is empty or not.

not getting you
i am working on kodular project and this empty cells creating problem in show in list view
can i put any value in it that do not show in listview