Bug tracker changes bug number every time you enter a new one?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Using the built in bug tracker template, when ever you create a new row, e.g. by hitting the plus at the end of the table, it gives you a warning that “record moved” and re-orders all your existing bugs.
This makes it unusable, as you cant track anything with other people, e.g. can you give me the status of bug number 2.
To make it worse, the number of the new bug is random: sometimes it creates the new bug as number 1, and renumbers all your existing bugs, sometimes it creates the new bug with a random bug number somewhere between 1 and the total number you already have, for no apparent reason.
a) is this normal.
b) is there any way to fix this?

New bugs should always have the number n+1, where n is the current number of bugs, and existing bugs should NEVER have the number changed.

To make it worse, if you change the view (e.g. by priority or by “all bugs and issues”) tickets get different ids.

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Welcome to the community, @nutmix!

Those aren’t the numbers nor the ID’s of the bugs, those are just the current row numbers which are always changing based on your current view & sort order. You can create an autonumber field which is a static number.

Also, the record doesn’t move until you’ve finished typing in the record. If you don’t want it to move, turn off grouping/filtering/sorting.

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