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4 - Data Explorer

Is there any type of app or script I can do to create the ability to bulk select the options in a link to another record field?

Also open to other suggestions on ways to do this!

What I am trying to accomplish:

  • Create a form view employees can use to build custom order forms for clients. We have around ~50 products that can go on this field
  • Create a printable order form that includes only the products they selected

The problem is currently can only pick one at a time, so it’s click, pick, click, pick. Takes way too long to make this worth it.

At the least I’d like to set this field to automatically include all possible products, and that way they can remove the ones they don’t need.

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Welcome to the community, @Jamie_Spann!

Yes, you can prefill linked records on your form by creating a special URL that includes all of the values that you want to prefill. So if you have 50 linked records that you want to prefill, it will be a gigantic URL, but it will work.

More details here:

I like this for smaller projects so thank you for the tip!

However they are adding new products and changing names occasionally, so I’d then have to go in and check the parameters every time that happened, I would think? So it’s not really worth doing that for this project.

Airtable’s forms are extremely basic with almost no advanced features, so an Airtable form won’t let your users add or modify linked record names. You could do that with the MiniExtensions form, though: